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Now we’re on the other side of GMB Congress, GMB Active is back!

Thanks for all the feedback, we’ve taken it on board and will now do quarterly updates for you - but the GMB website is updated every day so do make sure you’re checking in.

There’s plenty to let you know about this quarter.


If you’re a GMB post-holder and have set up your MyGMB account, we’re in the process of improving the Reps Only area.

There you’ll be able to find resources, activist updates and more detailed employment and bargaining information than is generally available to members.

The area has to work for you, so if you have ideas about what you need access to, please let me know by replying to this email.


GMB is a campaigning, fighting trade union but alongside that bread and butter work we want to give members something a bit ‘extra’ to add even more value to membership.

Last month we launched GMB Extra which has brand new member benefits that are just for GMB members.

Visit GMB Extra
We especially want to highlight and promote union made (or delivered!) offers so if you have ideas or your employer might want to take part, please let our communications team know on


GMB Activists have long asked us to update our equality monitoring so that we know exactly who our membership is.

With the new website launch we have a whole new system in place - keep your eyes peeled for an all member email in the coming weeks.


Over the last few years we’ve revamped our rep training. The next step is to roll out even more opportunities to support you in your roles - GMB wants to have the best trained people in the movement!

There are up to 55 days of potential training options being planned on everything from bargaining, employment law and health and safety, through to tackling the far right and having difficult conversations in the workplace.

Watch this space!

That’s not everything - there’s too much for one email so if you want to read our President’s blog, our guide to working in scorching hot temperatures, and my latest post on Tolpuddle festival head over to the website.

As always, please get in touch if you have ideas about GMB Active or anything I’ve mentioned here.

Best wishes,

Tim Roache
GMB General Secretary

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