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GMB Active

Dear Activist,

I hope the summer season is treating you well, and you’re managing to either escape the heat or enjoy it!

GMB Active took a break for Congress, but is back with you now. We’re into our 6th edition, and activists have told us that once a month was a bit too much. Thank you for all of your positive feedback, this newsletter is for you so we want to get it right.

As such, we’ll move to an email every two months with a constantly updated activist site that you can check when you need to - that will be merged with the new GMB website (which will be launched in September).

This month there are updates from sections, blogs and a new QuickRights guide on what to do when it’s hot at work, which has been going down a storm on social media.


Our next guide will be around 'back to school' and what to do if your child is off sick.

For those able to get away for a break this summer, have a well deserved rest. As always, if there is anything you need please get in touch.

Best wishes,


Tim Roache
GMB General Secretary 


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